What is semi-classical style? Distinguishing semi-classical and neoclassical interior styles

What is semi-classical style? Distinguishing semi-classical and neoclassical interior styles

Semi-classical style is one of the most popular styles in interior design in Vietnam,often confused
 with the most neoclassical style. So what is semi-classical style and how to apply this style in living space? 
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The semi-classical style is the perfect combination between the elegance and class of the classic style and the sophistication of the modern style to create a space with a distinct identity.

Most people think that semi-classical style is a 50-50 combination, 50% classic and 50% modern, this understanding comes from the word “semi” in the style name. This is also the reason why neoclassical and semi-classical styles are misunderstood and equated into one. In fact, the semi-classical style will lean more towards the modern part. Depending on the needs of use as well as the requirements of the owner, the architect will allocate the modern part into 70 – 30 or 80 – 20 compared to the classic part.

Semi-classical furniture

Because of leaning more towards modernity and convenience, semi-classical furniture often has a neat design, simple and delicate design. In addition, the luxury is also reflected in high-quality interior materials and valuable gold-plated decorations.

Material used

Leather, velvet upholstery, granite, natural wood or wood plastic composite are also very often used in semi-classical interior design to bring class to the space.


In order to evoke luxury and coziness, bringing a feeling of closeness and familiarity, colors such as white, cream, and light yellow are always the main colors in the semi-classical space.

However, it is not always stereotyped in those colors. Homeowners can also use other colors such as black, gray, navy blue, moss green or wine red … to express their personality, make a difference but still retain the class and nobility for the space.

Distinguish between neoclassical and semi-classical style


– All are improved styles from the classic style, eliminating cumbersome details, bringing a new space that is neater but still retains the beauty of luxury and class.
High-quality, modern materials, less decorative details than classic furniture.


Semi-classic style:

– Not necessarily symmetrical, balanced

– Phuo is only inclined towards straight lines, few curvy decorative details

– Simple ceiling

Neoclassical style

– The art of symmetry and balance must be applied

– Phuo is only somewhat more streamlined than the classic style, but still retains the characteristic curvaceous and sophisticated pattern.

–  Sophisticated ceiling.

Semi-classical interior design always scores impressive points and is favored by homeowners because of its high aesthetic value. Here are some luxurious semi-classical application spaces, invite you to admire:

The  designs above).all use plastic board/plastic wood composite to make furniture (kitchen cabinet, wardrobe).

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